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Thursday, June 22, 2017

All About Vitamins: Vitamin A deficiency induced Complications of Biliopancreatic diversion (BPD)

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Vitamin A, a bi-polar molecule formed by bonds between carbon and hydrogen, is a fat soluble vitamin which can not be stored in the liver but it can be converted from beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant. The vitamin is best known fir its strong effects in improving vision and enhancing bone growth.

Biliopancreatic diversion (BPD)is a surgery to restrict both food intake and the amount of calories and nutrients the body absorbs with intention of weigh loss.

People with Biliopancreatic diversion (BPD) do found to have an increased risk of complications of osteoporosis, umping syndrome including nausea, weakness, sweating, faintness, and possibly diarrhea soon after eating, poor nutrients, etc.. 

According to a ttral of ten men and 23 women with a mean age of 34 years (range 20-51 years), and a mean BMI of 49.5 kg/m(2) (range 37-77), weight loss after 6 months was 18.9% of the initial weight, but the surgery also induced symptoms of complications including wound infections (15%), early dumping syndrome (6%), diarrhea due to bacterial overgrowth (27%), incisional hernias (15%) and peptic ulcer (15%).

Vitamin A deficiency is found to associate with patients with Biliopancreatic diversion (BPD), leading to the characteristic skin lesions of phrynoderma with nytalopia and xerophthalmia.

The Ghent University Hospital in the study of pregnant woman who had undergone BPD 8 years previously, vitamin A deficiency in these patients may gave birth to a child with bilateral microphthalmia. Infectious. permanent retinal damage.

Dr. Huerta S., the lead researcher at the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition, said, " Complications of BPD may take many years to develop, and the signs and symptoms may be subtle".

In fact, due to result of malabsorptionafter BPD, patients need lifelong follow-up and appropriate vitamin supplementation to prevent deficiencies. Treatment of high doses vitamin A intake may be the resolution in many complications of of Biliopancreatic diversion (BPD).

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