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Monday, June 26, 2017

All About Vitamins: Vitamin A Deficiency in Increased Risk of Wheezing

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Vitamin A, a bi-polar molecule formed by bonds between carbon and hydrogen, is a fat soluble vitamin which can not be stored in the liver but it can be converted from beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant. The vitamin is best known fir its strong effects in improving vision and enhancing bone growth.

Vitamin A deficiency may alter the recovery of total respiratory resistance (TRR) inducing acute upper respiratory tract infection (URI).

According to the Chongqing Medical University, in a study of 331 hospitalized children suffered from wheezing, Serum vitamin A deficiency could be commonly found in infants with wheezing and might be related to the course of wheezing and the infants' wheezing severity.

Dr. Shalaby SA the lead researcher said, "Among the persistent wheezing patients 9.7% had deficient, and 20.4% had marginal serum vitamin A concentration, while in the acute wheezing patients, 1.6% had deficient, and 8.1% had marginal serum vitamin A concentrations" and " Wheezing Saudi infants had prevalent deficiency and marginal deficiency of vitamin A" in a prospective cohort study including 400 wheezing Saudi children aged 3-36 months.

In fact, wheeze is common throughout childhood, although it decreases as children age, but for children in the third world, nutrient deficiency including vitamin A deficiency may have a direct effect on risk of wheeze or risk for asthma.

Prescribing vitamin A supplement may be necessary for children with vitamin A deficiency should be taken with care as toxicity is found in many cases.

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