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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

All About Vitamins: Vitamin B5 and Weight loss

By Kyle J. Norton.

Vitamin B5 is also known as pantothenic acid, played an important role in the forming of co-enzyme A and critical in the metabolism and synthesis of carbohydrates, proteins and fat. Vitamin B5 has a chemical structure formula of C9H17NO5.

The prevalence of extreme overweight and obesity has caused concerns of scientific community. According to the statistic, approximately, over 68% of US population are either overweight or obese. Intake of vitamin B5 supplement may have a potential effect in induced weight loss, according to the study by the Hong Kong Central Hospital.

Intake of vitamin b5 may relieve weigh watchers against sensation of hunger and temptation of fasting through providing sufficient amount of energy released from storage fat.

Dr Leung LH, the author of the study suggested, "Supplementation of this vitamin would facilitate complete catabolism of fatty acids and thus the formation of ketone bodies could be circumvented" and "using this method for weight reduction together with a careful observation of calorie intake, I have great success in treating overweight-to-obese patients to lose weight".

Other study in support above differentiation in different way, in a study of libitum or pair-feeding of 3- or 6-wk-old rats in compared to rats fed purified diets supplemented with 0 to 1600 mg pantothenate per kilogram of diet with blood sampling from 3 to 24 h after feeding, vitamin B5 deficiency mice displayed a insignificant of weight loss but elevated serum triglyceride and free fatty acid levels in compared to non deficiency groups.

But Wittwer CT, the lead author said, "Mild pantothenate deficiency appears to have observable in vivo effects on triglyceride metabolism before severe deficiency causes significant weight loss".

Taking together, there is no doubt that vitamin B5 deficiency is associated to weight loss involuntary. People who would like to use vitamin B5 supplement as a weight loss supplement should consult with their doctor before applying.

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