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Monday, October 30, 2017

All About Vitamins: Vitamin B6 in Reduced Risk and Treatment of Gestational Diabetes?

By Kyle J. Norton.

Vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine, is a water soluble vitamin found abundantly in green peas, yams, broccoli, asparagus and turnip greens,Peanuts, sunflower seeds, cashews and hazelnuts, meat, fish etc., with functions of amino acid, carbohydrate metabolism, brain health, and liver detoxification, etc.

Vitamin B6 may have a potential effect in controlling blood glucose and plasma insulin in pregnancy with gestational diabetes mellitus, a renowned institute study suggested.

In the study of 13 woman with gestational diabetes mellitus treated with 100 mg. of vitamin B6 per day for 2 weeks than tested with an intravenous glucose tolerance for both blood glucose and plasma insulin levels, researchers filed the following results
1. Vitamin B6 treatment induced a statistically significant improvement in the glucose tolerance in all aspects
2. Vitamin B6 group also enhanced glucose effect with unchanged or lowered plasma insulin level.

After taking into account of other factors, researchers insisted that women with a relative deficiency in vitamin B6 associated with some cases of gestational diabetes mellitus are most beneficial with replacement of this vitamin in improved the metabolic state.

Dr. Spellacy WN, the led author said, "The low vitamin B6levels appear to alter metabolic pathways which result in a lowering of the biologic activity of endogenous insulin".

More interestingly, in a study of 14 pregnant women with gestational diabetes caused by increased xanthurenic-acid synthesis during pregnancy treated with vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) 100 mg/day for 14 days by mouth resaerchers found that
1. Treatment of vitamin B6 not only reduced the deficiency but also improved glucose tolerance considerably.
2. Treatment with vitamin B6 normalized the production of xanthurenic-acid by restoring tryptophan metabolism.

Contrastively, in the investigate the potential simplicity and far-reaching benefits of the amelioration or prevention of gestational diabetes mellitus by pyridoxine, researcher showed that vitamin B6 showed no beneficial effects on abnormal glucose tolerance in pregnancy in 4 cases studied and These studies failed to confirm their results statistically significant in compared to previous studies.

Dr, Perkins RP said, the reason behind these failure may be a result of "the dietary alterations made during pyridoxine therapy in the previous report had a greater effect on outcome than the authors had suspected".

Taking altogether, vitamin B6 administration may have positive effect in reduced symptoms and treatment of gestational diabetes only to vitamin B6 deficient pregnant women. For other use of vitamin B6, particularly in gestational diabetes women without expressing vitamin B6 deficiency,  may require further confirmation of large sample sizes and cohost studies.

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